Amalfi Coast lemons: 3 things to know about it


Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful and charming place in the world. You just need to cross its streets, seashores and balconies to understand you’re visiting an unique Italian jewel.

It doesn’t matter if you walk, drive or sail, one of the main thing you will notice is the presence of gold shelves of scented lemons.

The Amalfi lemon is a main character in their nature and cooking traditions…let’s discover 3 things you didn’t know about this amazing fruit.

  1. Lemon gardens

The plants are cultivated in the typical “lemon gardens” through terracing along the entire coast.

All the gardens are just in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea and they’re exposed to warm winds and sun. The area in which they grow is naturally protected by the Lattari Mounts so that cold winds won’t damage them. The harvest happens more than one time every year but the best moment is between March and July.


  1. Its use

Lemons are largely used in the Italian cooking tradition and so it is in the Amalfi Coast. Its lemons are used to season fish, meat or fruit dishes. There are also typical products in the coast tradition that are made thanks to the lemon.

One of them is limoncello, a lemon based liquor that has a strong economical impact for the area and that you can find anywhere.

Another important product is delizia al limone (literally “lemon delight”) that is a layer pastry that looks like a small cupola made of sponge cake, lemon cream and limoncello.


  1. Powerful properties

Thanks to its properties the Amalfi Coast lemon is the perfect cure of scurvy, illness for vitamin C deficiency.  Because of these powerful benefits, between 1400 and 1800, there was a huge request of lemons from other Italian regions and also foreign countires, especially the north Europeans. The strategic position of Amalfi Coast made possible to export high quantities of the product.

The use of lemon is also extraordinary to fight anemia so that during the years the request became larger and larger.


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